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Snow Removal


Chilly weather has arrived, prompting us to extend our snow removal services! Check out the list below for a breakdown of general items and their corresponding prices. Don't hesitate to give us a call for any additional inquiries – we're here to help!

What We


Residential Driveway Snow Removal

Ensure hassle-free mornings with our residential driveway clearing service. We'll promptly and efficiently remove snow from your driveway, providing you with a clear and safe entrance. Starting at $125


Sidewalk and Pathway Snow Clearing

Safety is paramount, especially on sidewalks and pathways. Rely on our thorough snow clearing service to make sure pedestrians can navigate easily, minimizing the risk of slips and falls. Starting at $65


Ice Melt Application Services

Combat icy surfaces with our ice melt application services. We use effective solutions to melt away ice, providing an additional layer of safety for both pedestrians and vehicles. Starting at $35


Commercial Parking Lot Snow Removal

Keep your business running smoothly even during snowy days. Our commercial parking lot snow removal service is tailored to efficiently clear large areas, maintaining accessibility for employees and customers. Starting at $750


Roof Snow Removal

Prevent potential damage and structural issues by opting for our roof snow removal service. Safely remove excess snow from your roof to avoid the risk of overloading and ensure the longevity of your property. Starting at $175


Emergency Snow Plowing Services

When winter storms hit unexpectedly, our emergency snow plowing services have got you covered. We're ready to swiftly respond, ensuring roads and areas critical to your daily operations are cleared promptly. Starting at $350

Bryce and his team were on time, efficient, friendly and fair. We would highly recommend working with Weekend Warriors for your snow removal needs!

John McCauley

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